Trained & Started Dogs


Red Female

Trained & Started Dogs
At AB Border Collies we have
Invested in and bred quality
Border Collies for Herding.
The desire and instinct
make our dogs great for
Stock Work, Performance,
or Agility.


Lefty SOLD

Lefty has a lot of power and grit.
He is very good on cattle and
ready for ranch work.



Mist,a Blue Merle, is
registered with AKC
and with ABCA. She was
in training to work stock
for about 45 days before being bred.

Sadie proved to be an excellent mom.


Koko has 3 1/2 months
training and is showing great
promise...we're looking forward
to trialling her.
Koko has
produced some fine pups.
Click on picture for more
about Koko.

Junior at Permian Basin Fair

Imported Ben
2002 Irish Nursery Champion
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Junior SOLD
Sibling of Lefty, Junior's Dam is the full
sister to Rick. Junior has bite, balance,
and is biddable.



    Now Available
Several Dogs of various ages are available to qualified homes. These are pure bred Border Collies Registered and Unregistered from various backgrounds or Rescued. Also we are retiring some dogs (young and mature). If you are looking for a companion or a pet, let us match you with the right dog.

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