Imported Ben
Black & White Tri ABCA Border Collie  

Ben is new to AB Border Collies. He was purchased from Ivan Weir originally from Ireland now living in Canada. Ben works both Cattle and Sheep and is listed for stud at Awards & Information:

  • 2002 Irish National Nursery Champion
  • Open Trials Winner
  • Proven Sire with 2 sons in top five 2005 Irish Nursery Finals.
  • Full Brother placed in top 10 of 2005 Irish Nursery Finals
  • Hips OFA certified, eyes clear

Ben was initially trained by P Houston in Ireland. Later Harford Logan, author of "Over the Hills and Far Away," liked Ben and helped send him to California to a Mr. George Grist. When Ivan Weir called Mr. Logan inquiring for a stud dog he suggested Ben and Ivan bought him. Ivan now lives in Canada.

Ivan describes Ben as "very stylish, a good line dog, great out runner that he puts in his pups and lots of power". Indeed he does have a great outrun.

Larry Burkes has had an interesting time learning the whistles taught by another trainer, but Ben is coming along very well in training. Expect to see him trialing this season!. Ben's Pedigree

July 5, 2000 Black & White Tri-Color Male with medium coat.