About our Name Poco Bueno Stockdogs (Pronounced Poco WIN-O)

I expect some true horse lovers might scowl that we are using the name of the famous Waggoner Cutting Stud. Please let me explain. In college at West Texas State University, I was employed by the School of Agriculture to manage the horse farm. They are now West Texas A&M a part of the Texas A&M system. I have always loved horses. I have had one since I was 6. It was a real pleasure to have a job  associated with good horses not the scrubs we loved at home. I had a one year old daughter, Memori, who stayed by my side during feeding and riding. One of the horses WT owned was Poco Cee Dell, a son of 'Poco Bueno' a Reigning Champion in his own right. Now Poco was, an old horse, donated to the school for girls horsemanship lessons. He was quite a pleasure. He had some get-up-and-go along with some cutting experience. Around the kids or the beginning girl riders he was gentle, to the point of taking care of them and not letting them get hurt. He was one of my favorite horses of all time. I always said if I ever had anything I wanted to be good, I would use his name in honor of and out of respect for him.

Later I learned of his sire 'Poco Bueno'. He was a great little horse born about 1944 and died in the late 1960’s. He was purchased for $5700 (I think) as a 2 year old. He was very small, maybe 14-2 hands. Well his heart was not small and he made a champion cutting horse as well as a halter horse in just a few years. He was put to stud at the famous Waggoner Ranch. Poco Bueno turned out to be a great producing stud with sons and daughters following in his very big hoof prints.

So true to my word, to Poco Cee Dell, I will honor the name of the original stud by raising the best Stockdogs possible, hence our name 'Poco Bueno Stockdogs'. Poco Bueno literally means "Little Bit Good". If we can raise some stockdogs to fit that description and bring pleasure into some dog lovers life our goal will be met.We will also have shown our admiration to a horse that was much more than a little bit good!

Tim Assiter Stockdog Lover!

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