Black & White Tri ABCA Border Collie  


Larry and 13-month-old Speedy demonstrate herding at Floydada Old Settlers Reunion, May 23, 2009.

Speedy's sire is Ben, the Irish National Nursery Champion in 2002, who bites clean on the nose and low on the heels of cattle, yet stays off sheep and balances nicely.

Kallie, the dam, is very stylish, possesses great balance and feel for the stock. Her quick square flanks and determination make her fun to trial.

Speedy has his parents' speed, balance, and feel for stock.

Larry states, "Speedy amazes me how fast he learns...almost like he already knows what to do. Most dogs take 6 months to learn what Speedy has accomplished in only 2 months.


April 3, 2008 Black & White Tri-Color Male with medium coat.