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Kallie at 5 Months
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Kallie - Chocolate Merle Female

Kallie wants to work or play constantly. As a matter of fact she played so hard at The Punkin Ranch fetching and running with kids she "stove up" or became stiff. At only 6 months old, owner Tim Assiter allowed her to work and play too much. "She was just having so much fun. I hated to lock her up. I let her do too much and she paid with some sore bones for a few weeks."

Kallie has been in the training program of Larry Burkes for about 1 month, currently she is bred and off stock in Floydada.. She is very bored since The Punkin Ranch closed in November. She lives in the house and visits the Auctioneers Office 3 to 4 hours a day.

We have high expectations for her ability to work and to make a trial dog. In the future, she will be a great mother to some of our Stockdogs.